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Crested Butte at night. Photo: J.C. Leacock 

 From the novel: "Sarah's spirits soared as she drove to the town of Crested Butte and followed Gothic Road three miles to the ski resort. An inner voice told her that she would always feel a special connection to this place of dreams." 



A former high school English teacher and a native of West Texas, my family and I have made many ski trips to Crested Butte Mountain Resort and love the nearby old mining town of Crested Butte, Colorado. Fascinated with its colorful history, I interviewed an old-timer in the late eighties and gathered first-hand memories of his father's mining days. I also interviewed key ski patrollers to learn about their all important work involving injured skiers, lost skiers, and avalanche control. These experiences prompted my interest in writing my first novel, Crested Butte Dreams. Recently, I had the pleasure of seeing our granddaughters continue the tradition of skiing at Crested Butte and enjoying the charm of the town. I am currently working on my second novel and live with husband Ted in the Dallas area.

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When Sarah Hansen and her husband move to Spruce Haven, a ski resort twenty-five miles northwest of Crested Butte, Colorado, she hopes they will be able to rebuild a marriage that has been torn apart by deception and betrayal. Sarah finds the healing she has desired amid the grandeur of the Rockies, but she also senses that Jake is becoming increasingly distant.

Complicating matters is Clint Turner, a good-natured ski patrol director who doesn't try to hide his developing attraction to Sarah. When Sarah's own feelings become impossible for her to deny, she is faced with a choice. Will she honor her commitment to the vows she made twenty-four years ago, or take a chance on mere dreams? 


 "Wonderfully evocative, great characters!. . .  Dreams' protagonist is one Sarah Hansen, a forty-something woman who finds herself double-punched with first a cheating husband then a necessary double mastectomy. Lain could have easily turned this into a gut-wrencher or melodrama and I am happy to report she does nothing of the sort. . . . Ann Lain is frankly a genius at character development. You cannot help but care about the characters, . . . . Her action sequences on the snow are exciting and realistic, even down to the crunch of the snow on the ground and the plumes of snow in the air. Lain paints a portrait of a magical place, and her love of the Rockies is captivating. I hope this is not her last book. Whether you enjoy the mountains, romance, action, or just a good book, I cannot recommend Crested Butte Dreams highly enough." K. Davis, Bookideas/ 4 stars

"Snowstorms and avalanches amid heartache and romance. This book is a highly enjoyable read about how the Colorado mountains are a controlling force in a story line that contrasts the beauty and serenity with danger and fear. . . .The author does a good job of showing Sarah grow as a character, becoming stronger to face the challenges ahead. She even begins writing a historical novel based on the old mining town of Crested Butte. The author allows a glimpse into the way the early immigrants fought their way for survival." Joy Morgan / 4 stars

"Interesting read on pursuit of dreams. . . .Whether the reader is a skier or not, Lain's vivid descriptions provide the perfect escape read in this heartfelt story. Once Sarah realizes betrayal can snare her as well, her character undergoes dramatic change with tension steadily building until the conclusion." reader/ Barnes& stars

"Experience the exciting drama. . . . After having skied for a number of years, it was very interesting to learn from Clint, the Director of Ski Patrol, the dangers they face each day in order for us to be safe on the slopes." reader/Barnes& stars

"Crested Butte Dreams. . . . This is a fast-paced, enjoyable read with strong, well developed characters and vivid descriptions of the beauty, excitement, and danger associated with living in the ski country. I highly recommend this book and look forward to Lain's next book." J. Ford/ stars

"What do you do when the world conspires to tear everything out from under you? Sarah Hansen is about to find out.. . . There certainly is no black and white answer for Sarah and her marriage problems. I find it admirable that she tries diligently to save a marriage of twenty-four years, but at the same time, I think she is sticking her head in the sand. . . . I do, however, wholeheartedly commend the fact that Sarah takes responsibility for her own actions and does not lay total blame on her husband, and I love how she does so with such poise and grace." Lototy/Reviewer for cups

 "Accurate Ski Town Portrayal. . . Lain has written a novel about an under-publicized, but common ski town resident-the older baby boomer. These are often city folks, not yet ready for retirement, but simply yearning to enjoy their hard-earned fitness while they still have it. . . . Lain does a marvelous job at portraying this woman in transition, who decides to take the trail not taken." Lisa Marie Mercer/ 4 stars

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